AUI’s Cybersecurity Division

Woodstar Labs is a cyber technology and analysis firm dedicated to serving our nation’s most pressing cybersecurity needs. 

Mission & Vision

Securing the Foundations of Society

We rely on technology every day to share ideas, secure our democratic processes, preserve access to fresh food and clean water, conduct business and financial transactions, and power our homes and businesses. Malicious cyber actors continue to probe cyberspace, weaponizing the technology that makes our modern way of life possible. Without proper cybersecurity safeguards, information (including intellectual property) can be stolen and abused.

AUI has created Woodstar Labs to pioneer new research capabilities in cybersecurity to advance our defenses, particularly for underserved communities in the sciences and for our national critical infrastructure needs. We partner with academia, industry, and government to deliver enhanced protections to those most in need.


Woodstar Labs helps organizations work with the Department of Defense and keep sensitive information secure as a Licensed Publication Partner with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Advisory Board.

The Election Process

The integrity of the United States election process relies on thorough cybersecurity safeguards and policies. Woodstar Labs is currently working with State Board of Elections personnel to maintain this security.

The Power Grid

Protecting the U.S. power grid is critical to national security. Increasing the grid’s resilience against cyber attacks is of upmost importance. Woodstar Labs chartered the National Commission on Grid Resilience for this very reason.


Cybersecurity education is the first and most important defense against cyber threats. Woodstar Labs is currently working to develop online and in-person cybersecurity education and training opportunities.


Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

Woodstar Labs offers CMMC training and education to help organizations work with the Department of Defense and keep sensitive information secure. As a registered Licensed Publication Partner (LPP) of the CMMC Advisory Board, we can offer officially licensed CMMC training curriculum. We prepare organizations for CMMC assessments through our role as a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO). We also offer a suite of training courses on cybersecurity certifications featured in DoD’s Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications, including Security+ and Network+.

Our courses are offered through our online eLearning portal, or in-person at our training facilities conveniently located by the Dunn Loring-Merrifield Metro Station, in Vienna, VA. Our cybersecurity curriculum is directly aligned with the cybersecurity core competencies established in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). Visit our CMMC page for more information.


Enterprise Level Cybersecurity

Woodstar Labs offers a wide range of services including cybersecurity architecture design, secure microelectronics, CISO as a service, situational awareness, data agnostic behavioral analytics, and Risk Management. Woodstar’s services have been used to create new secure technologies, monitor election systems, defend microgrids, and provide low cost solutions to academia’s underserved cyber needs. 


What Can Woodstar Labs Do For You?

CMMC Enterprise Solutions

Get our full suite of CMMC services. 

CISO as a Service

Let cybersecurity experts guide your security infrastructure, policy, and planning.

Security Risk Assessment

Get the information necessary to limit the cyber risk to your organization.

Continuous Network Analysis

Have your organization’s network traffic continuously analyzed for abnormalities.

Incident Management

Get response and remediation guidance to prevent future cyber incidents.


A Team of Industry Experts

Woodstar Labs has deep expertise and a diverse range of experience in cybersecurity and information technology fields. Our subject matter experts have worked in cybersecurity roles as civilians in the Federal government (including in senior positions at the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration), as members of the U.S. military and Intelligence Community, and in private sector consulting. Our team members have served as cybersecurity advisors for Fortune 500 companies, senior Federal government personnel, and as leaders pushing the boundaries of cyber threat intelligence and analytics.


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Woodstar Labs Welcomes New Wave of Cyber Analysts

Woodstar Labs, a subsidiary of AUI focused on cutting-edge-cybersecurity solutions, microelectronics, eLearning, and STEM education welcomes a new cohort of Cyber Analysts. Woodstar labs is excited to work with this talented group of young professionals as we continue...

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Woodstar Labs is a non-profit organization and is wholly-owned by Associated Universities, Inc.

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