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Fact Sheets

AUI—Why Partner With Us

AUI collaborates with the scientific community to plan, build, and operate cutting-edge facilities. AUI cultivates excellence, delivers value, enhances education, and engages the public.

AUI CMMC services

AUI’s cybersecurity division provides cybersecurity services, research and development, and training and education for critical infrastructure and national security partners.

AUI Education and Public Engagement (EPE)

Education and public engagement (EPE) has long been a component of AUI’s mission and goals. AUI continues to engineer a better future through excellence in STEM education and public engagement.

AUI Woodstar Labs

Woodstar Labs is a non-profit, educational institute focused on providing cybersecurity services, research and development (R&D), and training and education with a focus on critical infrastructure and national security partners.

Establishing the Utah Center for Mining Excellence

Mining and processing of minerals and ores is an important part of the economy across the nation and will continue to be as the demand for clean technology deployment drives an increase in demand for copper, aluminum, and rare earth minerals.