AUI enhances education through supporting eLearning programs, developing and stewarding collaborative STEM programs and managing world class scientific facilities.


Our mission is to provide educators with access to trusted eLearning programs that enable delivery of meaningful learning experiences that promote educational consistency across a global, borderless and culturally diverse user-base. AUI OPEN aspires to become the world’s largest digital repository of relevant STEM and professional education resources by managing the enlightened participation of academia, industry, government and individuals within a vibrant online ecosystem.


Goals: OPEN is actively developing eLearning curriculum and competency management systems for other STEM and professional domains. Our near-term focus is on eLearning that has immediate relevance to industry such as cybersecurity, resilience, renewable energy, and maritime studies.

OPEN eLearning offers:

  • Engaging educational programming
  • Certifications
  • Digital learning resources
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • International accessibility
  • Multilingual classes
  • Teaching tips on how to learn
  • Records management
  • Talent Cache for finding job candidates
  • Updates on your Students’ progress
  • STEM Education and Engagement

    Associated Universities recognizes the importance of cultivating excellence, delivering value, enhancing education, and engaging the public. The AUI Office of Education and Public Engagement (OEPE) builds on decades of experience across formal and informal education and outreach, and the management of large complex science projects and facilities. Through the OEPE AUI works to identify and develop initiatives that are innovative and potentially transformative in STEM related education and outreach.


    Design, develop, and coordinate projects and programs that have the potential to significantly improve teaching and learning across STEM related disciplines.

    Collaborate with partners to develop competitive funding proposals for innovative and potentially transformative projects in STEM related education,

    Provide leadership in fiscal and project management and reporting for collaborations with large complex awards.

    Provide high-quality consulting services to organizations (e.g. schools, universities, science centers, etc.) that wish to review and improve the quality of STEM related education programs they provide.

    OEPE continues to actively seek new partners to collaborate with and new sources of funding to expand our portfolio of STEM activities.

    STEM Programs

  • Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassadors Program (ACEAP)
  • Innovators Developing Accessible Tools in Astronomy (IDATA)
  • Sister Cities
  • Radio Astronomy Observing Program (RAOP)
  • Project Array
  • National Space Society–Enterprise in Space Collaboration
  • STEM Education Incubator (SEI)
  • News Feed

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