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We transform ideas into technologies, laboratories, and policies that initiate, inform, and inspire. For over seven decades, AUI has developed specialized expertise in science, engineering, technology, and cyber security to enable greater impact. Uniquely positioned, we combine exceptional operations management with collaborative community engagement drive innovation and affect lasting change within organizations.


Experts at Managing Complexity


We create an environment where innovation, imagination, and people thrive. Even in the harshest desert terrain, discovery flourishes at ALMA, where AUI has led an international partnership with Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Chile. The $1.4 billion project is a monumental achievement for space exploration and collaborations.

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We believe we are part of something greater than ourselves and that our work today should help solve tomorrow’s challenges. As trailblazers for STEM, we laid the ground work for transformative, accessible, educational experiences while expanding e-learning programs and international outreach efforts.


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Woodstar Labs was created to incubate new areas of engineering, analysis, and research to address the ongoing needs of our shared, critical infrastructure and to protect communities. We are tackling cybersecurity risks within the energy sector, state elections, and academia by creating resources for underserved sectors.



New Images Reveal Magnetic Structures Near Supermassive Black Hole

New Images Reveal Magnetic Structures Near Supermassive Black Hole

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) — the worldwide collaboration that produced the first image of a black hole in 2019 — has produced a new image showing details of the magnetic fields in the region closest to the supermassive black hole at the core of the galaxy M87. The new work is providing astronomers with important clues about how powerful jets of material can be produced in that region.

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