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We transform ideas into technologies, laboratories and policies that initiate, inform and inspire. For over seven decades, AUI has developed specialized expertise in science, engineering, technology and cyber security to enable greater impact. Uniquely positioned, we combine exceptional operations management with collaborative community engagement, drive innovation and affect lasting change within organizations.

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We create an environment where innovation, imagination and people thrive. Even in the harshest desert terrain, discovery flourishes at ALMA, where AUI has led an international partnership with Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Chile. The $1.4 billion project is a monumental achievement for space exploration and collaborations.

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Astronomers Spot Differences in Thickness of Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers Spot Differences in Thickness of Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope targeted the Smith Cloud for their observations, however, the Milky Way’s inner galaxy obscured their view. While these scientists didn’t find what they were originally looking for, they did observe something new about this part of our home galaxy. This inner part of the Milky Way appears to be half the size of the outer part!