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Center for Greening the Supply Chain

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Electrification and alternative fuels are essential to reducing reliance on fossil fuels in transportation and manufacturing, in particular. The pathways to more electrification, storage and production and use of hydrogen as a fuel all require more mined and processed materials such as copper and lithium.

Currently, mining, extraction and processing of critical materials rely on the use of fossil fuels and excessive water use, both of which have environmental impacts. AUI has established the Center for Greening the Supply Chain (CGSC) to help address these issues, and seeks significant input and support from leaders in industry, government and academia. Our aim is to increase the focus on the upstream supply chain of critical materials, identify both research gaps and technology development needs, integrate workforce development activities, and promote the rapid transition and deployment of technologies to green the supply chain.

Action Oriented

At AUI, we don’t just identify problems – we develop and deploy solutions.  Through the CGSC, AUI will convene leaders, conduct workshops and pursue research and development needed to create a greener supply chain of critical materials.

Clean Mining Research & Development

We are working to advance and deploy promising technologies to help industry address environmental needs. CGSC members get a first look at emerging technologies and may participate in pilot projects. We pursue solar derived fuels, carbon mitigation, reprocessing of tailings and water conservation.

Building the Communities of Tomorrow

We pursue economic development through entrepreneurship. CGSC members have a first look at new technologies as they progress in the development pipeline and can accelerate deployment of technologies to market. Our workforce development programs ensure the workforce of today are prepared for the technologies of tomorrow. CGSC members’ employees benefit from education opportunities, reskilling support and leadership programs, and a robust outreach program for the public and the elementary education levels.

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