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Green Bank Observatory

Green Bank, West Virginia

Green Bank Telescope

With radio astronomy as its foundation, the National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Observatory (GBO) is a world leader in advancing research, innovation and education. Green Bank Observatory enables leading edge research at radio wavelengths by offering telescope, facility and advanced instrumentation access to the astronomy community as well as to other basic and applied research communities.

The Green Bank Observatory, located in Green Bank, West Virginia, is home to the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope. The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope’s 2.3-acre collecting area has many novel features, including an unblocked aperture, an active surface and state-of-the-art receivers. Location within the 13,000 square mile National Radio Quiet Zone protects Green Bank from harmful radio interference. These features enable extreme sensitivity to faint radio signals over a large range of frequencies advancing our knowledge of astronomy, astro-chemistry, fundamental physics and cosmology.

Tailored Towards Discovery

Green Bank Telescope

We are here to discover black holes, stellar birth, pulsars, hubble constant, big bang energy, universe expansion and the origins of life. To See the Unseen. We are here to harness the power of radio waves to explore astronomy. To foster innovation and curiosity. We are here to escape from the noise and learn, share, teach. We are on the pursuit of knowledge… and talk about Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, too. To educate. We are here to encourage your sense of wonder for the unknown beyond our planet.

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