AUI Partners with NSBP to Convene 2019 National Society of Black Physicists Conference

October 1, 2019

AUI collaborated with the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP) to secure a $377K award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to convene the 2019 NSBP Conference. The annual NSBP Conference convenes the largest scientific meeting of underrepresented minorities in the nation. This year’s conference theme centers on “Promoting Professional Connections and Persistence in Physics” and will be held in Providence, RI, on November 14 – 17.

NSBP and AUI are currently soliciting additional sponsors to further support this endeavor and make a meaningful difference in the diversity of higher education and the STEM work force. “Sponsors not only make a positive impact on these future leaders of science and engineering,” explains Tim Spuck, AUI Director of Education and Public Engagement, “but they also enjoy the benefits of engaging with a true national asset, the pipeline of R&D talent.”

The primary goals of the Conference are to share cutting edge research, provide mentorship opportunities, increase participant access to recruiters, offer networking opportunities, and inform the broader physics community on best practices. While NSBP will lead conference program development and implementation, AUI will use its expertise to advise on conference planning and implementation as well as lead project/grant management and reporting. “NSBP is excited to partner with AUI as we continue to impact the physics community, especially by increasing the numbers of under-represented minorities in physics,” as stated by Willie Rockward, President of NSBP. The NSBP program will draw from the organization of past meetings and rely on a Program Committee and AUI representatives. AUI President Adam Cohen describes AUI’s role by explaining, “We were chartered to enable cooperation among institutions in pursuit of research and education. As part of our mission, we facilitate access to STEM opportunities for all. We partner enthusiastically with well-aligned institutions like the NSBP to play an active role in workforce development, serve as ambassadors for science, and serve as catalysts for the scientific future. We look forward to working together again to ensure another vibrant, successful NSBP meeting.”

The NSBP strives to increase the visibility of African American physicists and their contributions in the science community and the society while providing a network of partners and a centralized link to global opportunities and information as it relates to physics and has received financial assistance in previous years from the NSF in support of this national conference.

Prospective conference sponsors are encouraged to reach NSBP President Willie Rockward at or AUI Director of Education and Public Engagement Tim Spuck at

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