2018 AUI Trustee Scholarship Winners

Below are the winners of the 2018 AUI Trustee Scholarship competition conducted by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. These students will each receive an award of $3,500 per year to aid in defraying expenses at the college or university of their choice.

Virginia Edmondson

Virginia is a senior at Jennings High School in Jennings, Louisiana, where she holds a 3.7 GPA. She will attend McNeese State University in the fall with a major in Veterinary medicine. Throughout high school, Virginia played tennis, participated in three clubs, and has been a member of the student council. In her senior year, Virginia was nominated for homecoming court and won “Most Beautiful” at JHS. For the past year, she worked part-time as a file clerk in the Jefferson Davis Parish District Attorney’s Office. Almost every day is spent loving an animal, which she has an infinite passion towards. After attending McNeese, Virginia plans to apply to Texas A&M Veterinary school.

Virginia is the daughter of Melan Hebert-Terleckyj and Chad Edmondson. Melan is the Sr. Executive Administrator to the President & CFO at AUI.

Carl Lewis

Carl is a senior at Socorro High School where he is ranked number seven out of 106 in the class of 2018. Carl is a member of the National Honor Society (NHS); he has participated in a number of high school sports including Soccer, Wrestling, Golf, Track and Swimming. Carl attended Boy’s State at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM the summer between his junior and senior years. Carl was born with a hearing loss that was not clinically diagnosed until he was three years old. Since the age of three, Carl has used hearing aids to help him access information and the environment. In spite of the challenge, he has thrived academically during his school career in Socorro.

With the NHS and sports teams, he has volunteered in a number of causes ranging from an annual fundraiser for Socorro General Hospital to “giving back” to youth soccer (AYSO) as a referee. Carl works a couple of part-time jobs (at a barber shop and at a farm). Through the City of Socorro Summer Youth Employment Program, he worked as student employee at the NRAO-SO Helpdesk for six weeks during summer 2017. Carl has taken up hunting and fishing in the last couple of years and REALLY enjoys it. Carl will be attending New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM beginning in the fall of 2018 and plans to major in Civil Engineering.

Carl is the son of Faith and Allen Lewis. Allen is the Site Human Resources Manager in Socorro.

Daniel Kim

Daniel is currently a senior at McLean High School. He is a head member of *Tartan*, the school’s literary magazine club, and is in charge of reviewing all of its written submissions. He also coordinates joint events with the school’s National English Honors Society and National Art Honors Society as well. Daniel has a passion of creating fairly-tale poetry that is easily accessible to all ages and is deeply engaged within the poetry community.

He intends to pursue a Business and Management degree at Boston College.

Daniel is the son of Dongchan and Marie Kim. Dongchan is a Data Analyst in Charlottesville.

Alec Pixton

Alec is a senior at Albemarle County High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has participated in the Math, Engineering, and Science Academy for two years and taken multiple AP and College level classes. He is graduating in his third high school year with an advanced diploma and a 4.5 GPA.

In addition to early graduation and a full schedule of honors and college level courses, Alec has participated in many service and extra-curricular activities. He has volunteered regularly at the local food bank and in community projects through church and the Boy Scouts of America. He served as Senior Patrol Leader of his BSA Troop and is currently finishing his Eagle service project to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Alec played freshman high school basketball, participated on the Boys and Girls Club cycling team and is currently competing in the Virginia High School MTB racing series. He is a member of the German language high school honor society and studies Japanese in his spare time. During his high school years he has attended early morning theological seminary classes before the start of each high school day, providing him with broadened perspectives on humanity.

Alec plans to attend William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, with interests in neuroscience, biochemistry, engineering physics and foreign languages. Alec is the son of Jeff and Tina Pixton. Jeff has worked at NRAO in Charlottesville since 2008 and is currently the Technology Transfer program manager.

Kaleb Romero

Kaleb is a senior at Socorro High School. He has taken honors and duel credit classes throughout his high school years. Kaleb is a member of the National Honor Society, Executive Student Council, and FFA. He is also involved in 4-H, County Council, and the Catholic Youth Group. As a member of these organizations, he participates in many volunteer services for the community, such as the “Kids, Kows & More Program”, the “St. Jude Walk-A-Thon”, “Food Drives, “Recycling Projects”, and volunteers for the Red Cross Blood Drive, among others. For three years, Kaleb has participated at the State FFA and 4-H Judging Competition for Vet Science and Meats. Because his team placed 1st in Meats Judging in 2017, they were invited to compete at nationals held in Kentucky last October. Kaleb is not only involved in the above list of activities, he has also held a part-time job since 2016 with Animal Haven Veterinary Clinic.

Kaleb will attend New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM beginning in the fall of 2018 and plans to major in Biology, with the intentions of furthering his career towards a medical degree. Kaleb is the son of Magdalene and David Romero (both employed by the NRAO in Socorro). Magdalene is a Senior Buyer with the Contracts and Procurement group and David is a Special Services Assistant in the Business Services group.

Michaela Zamora

Michaela is a senior at Magdalena High school. She is a member of student council and Vice president of National Honor Society (NHS) as well as Vice president of her graduating class. She has completed 40 hours of community service for NHS; these efforts included volunteering at the Catholic Church, the local blood drives, and participating in Pennies for Patients. Michaela also helped to put on fundraisers for her class. Michaela received an academic letter award two years in a row and has been on the honor roll since her freshman year. She is a member of the Renaissance Club. Michaela has taken dual credit courses since her Junior year and will have 12 college credit hours this May when she completes high school. Michaela participated in varsity sports since her freshman year. She was captain of the varsity volleyball team and was chosen to play in the North/South All-Star volleyball game in June. She was also on the varsity basketball team. Michaela was awarded All-District, All-Tourney, and All-State in volleyball. She was also awarded All-Tourney and a leadership award in basketball one year. She is a part of the Letterman’s Club for playing varsity sports. She also was able to participate in a program threw the NMAA that allowed students to referee JH and JV basketball games.

Michaela is the daughter of Michael Zamora. Michael is a Technical Specialist in the Cryogenics Group at the VLA. Michael has been with the NRAO for nearly 30 years.

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