Policy & Social Science Analysis

Our mission is to advance science through analysis and development of policy ideas, thorough examination of objective facts, and direct community engagement and collaboration. Our vision is to prepare generations of leaders by providing scholarly leadership in the advancement of knowledge that leads to new ideas for solving the most pressing problems facing society. As an objective, non-profit, nonpartisan, non-member organization, AUI convenes leaders in governance, academia, and industry dedicated to furthering thought-leadership, supporting communities of practice, and engaging in timely and impactful research. As a research organization that guided the peaceful study of nuclear energy and expanded the study of astronomy we have a deep appreciation for the intersection of research and policy. From driving Noble Prize-winning research to convening leaders within the scientific community to prioritize the future of research we value the relationship between research and policy. We inform debate by assembling renowned experts and empower key decision makers to improve processes and performance. Our leadership has served in the uppermost echelons of industry, governance, and the military. We seek and value a broad diversity of perspectives and enjoy the richness and depth it brings to policy analysis.

Policy Programs

  • Cybersecurity
  • eLearning
  • Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs)
  • Radioastronomy
  • Energy & Environment
  • Capabilities

  • Develop insightful public reports and client specific white papers
  • Convene thought leader perspectives through high level workshops and roundtables
  • Perform technical research in social science domains including the efficacy of eLearning
  • Provide peer review of expert analysis
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