Always agile and adaptive, AUI now offers its renowned administrative services to a global community of researchers.

AUI has substantial experience providing comprehensive administrative services, enabling large-scale research and development facility and program success, and encouraging scientists to sharpen and maintain their mission focus. Such administrative capabilities are becoming increasingly more relevant and valuable to research endeavors, as there is a growing burden on scientific institutions requiring more attention on human resource management, finance, information technology and a variety of other administrative matters which are all necessary for ambitious research projects, yet tangential to the discovery processes driving science.

A Strong History of Managed Services

Since 1946, AUI has successfully synthesized institutional innovation and concerted governance at its managed facilities, delivering outstanding research program management across multiple sites and many time zones. Always agile and adaptive, AUI now offers its renowned administrative services to a global community of researchers.

Leaders place their trust in AUI to provide validated, practical, administrative solutions and help them meet their organizations’ challenges, while accelerating and strengthening their institutions’ process of scientific discovery.

Expert Resource Management

AUI leverages its expertise and resources to help organizations attract top talent by offering desirable “big firm” benefits at any stage of the organizational lifecycle. Our recruitment experts have deep experience in attracting scarce skills for research, operations, and support roles in the toughest of job markets in the harshest and most remote locations. With the help of robust technology, AUI’s efficient handling of HR and administration allows both site managers and staff to save time, and to connect around meaningful, mission-focused discussions and initiatives. All AUI research facilities and programs are centers of high levels of employee engagement.

AUI can help organizations navigate today’s bewildering array of management information system choices. Our resources and expertise with supercomputing and data management, exacting business standards, and a complex network of scientific facilities allows us to offer a range of proven and nascent strategies to meet your management information and communication needs.

Our managed services’ proposition harnesses people, data, finances, goods and services. We can also combine the AUI managed services platform with an innovative approach offering even greater risk mitigation for your organization without loss of control. AUI simplifies service, delivers best practice, and eliminates compliance worries. We offer you the prospect of a single, strategic and dependable partner, capable of adapting best-in-class administrative systems, services and structure to your specific situation.

Vision through Collaboration

AUI gives you the time to focus on your research mission. We have facilitated the vision, design, construction and operation of massive scientific endeavors. Our seamless administration has provided practical help to scientists from the conception of their ideas, to their search for suitable sites, partners and programs, through discovery and the realization of their vision. AUI specializes in engaging with, and supporting, the broader scientific community to foster collaboration among stakeholders. Together, we convert our researchers’ and sponsors’ scientific goals into reality.


AUI also offers you the possibility of transferring key employment-related responsibilities to our organization while your organization’s employees continue to work for you. This option is called co-employment. The deployment of this model has grown enormously in the last decade, as it offers you reduced employer liabilities and sustainable cost control, as well as access to all the benefits of traditional managed services.

Under such an arrangement, AUI becomes your workforce’s IRS-recognized “Employer of Record” or “Administrative Employer”; legally responsible for the issuing of paychecks and reporting and the depositing of all taxes under AUI’s federal employer identification number (EIN). Your organization would be the “Work Site Employer” retaining the right to hire, plus all performance management decisions and the control and direction of the employees’ work in pursuit of your mission.

Research concerning this model’s evolution in the private sector shows PEO client companies have grown faster than their counterparts every year for the last ten years, and that the PEO sector also consistently grows faster than average US employment growth. AUI is widely recognized as adding value to R&D operations. Simply put, in terms of R&D administration, we know what we’re doing. We do the right things. We do them well, and our administrative business model is based on a commitment to greater accomplishments year after year in the service of science and development. Could your organization benefit from this model?


AUI offers a full range of services and options to meet your needs. We can work with your constraints and across your existing collaborations.

Managed HR Services

  • Employee Benefits

Impartial advice. Sourcing benefits to attract and retain talent, with maximum returns.

  • Retirement Plans

The execution of compliance and fiduciary responsibilities via a holistic, integrated approach.

  • Payroll & Time & Labor

Efficient, accurate, mobile-ready, easy- to-integrate systems which save you time.

  • HR Technology

Cloud-based, scalable HR Admin. delivering key info. and saving employee and admins’ time.

  • Employee Wellness

Innovative wellness programs that motivate and serve productive employees.

  • Hiring & Onboarding

Experienced recruiters deploying sector-specific knowledge and user- friendly HRIS tools.

  • Compliance & Reporting

Navigate the compliance minefield (ACA, COBRA, HIPAA, EEO, FMLA, FLSA, OMB etc.) with confidence.

  • Risk Management

Risk assessments, client-focused coverage negotiations, and expert claims administration.

  • Performance Acceleration

Customizable plans to manage and accelerate employee performance. Full performance management

Managed Administrative Services

  • Finance & Accounting

Cost-effective, solid service from accounts payable and receivables along the value chain.

  • Safety & Environment

Objective expertise with safety systems proven in risky environments. Confident compliance.

  • Project Management

Bringing objectivity, clarity of focus, methodology and experience to ad-hoc and routine engagements.

  • Procurement

Leverage R&D related purchasing competencies and systems to drive savings and efficiencies.

  • Education & Engagement

Get big facility outreach with a modest budget, from program design to execution and review.

  • Information Technology

Access exceptional capabilities. Reduce risk. Control operating costs and keep ahead of the curve.

  • Grants Management

Maximize sponsored funding, build capacity and serve your R&D community.

  • Communications

Communications expertise offering expert, diverse perspectives and fast turn-around.

  • Cybersecurity

Add new layers of defense. Supply chain hardware and software validation. CISO as a service.

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