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Associated Universities, Inc. unites the resources of universities, research organizations and the Federal Government in the planning, construction, and operation of forefront scientific facilities that promote discovery and education while expanding our knowledge of the physical world.

Portfolio Review

Community Forum

This AUI website provides a forum for the astronomy community and general public to understand and discuss the recommendations of the NSF-AST Portfolio Review Committee (PRC) report “Advancing Astronomy in the Coming Decade: Opportunities and Challenges” (AACD) regarding U.S. radio astronomy.


Our Strategy

We are committed to providing the U.S astronomy community the facilities needed to explore the universe at radio wavelengths, develop new technologies, and educate the next generation of scientists and engineers. We believe the recommendations of the PRC (if implemented) represent a serious threat to U.S. leadership in radio astronomy, and will negatively impact the many communities served by these facilities. Over the next few months we will:

  • Release an initial response to the PRC report (found here)
  • Distribute a detailed technical document addressing the scientific and technical arguments of the PRC report, and quantitatively addressing several misconceptions in the report (see the “NRAO Response to the PRC Report” menu item)
  • Keep the community up-to-date regarding press releases and news media coverage of the situation (“News Feeds”)
  • Provide an online forum for members of the astronomy community and general public to comment on the PRC recommendations (“Comment on the Report”). In late November we will collect the comments received, and transmit them to the NSF to more clearly indicate the consensus opinion of several communities about the PRC recommendations
  • Continue the dialog with NSF about implementation of the report recommendations. Based on the input received from the comments process and our discussions with NSF and the broader community, AUI plans to develop and discuss alternatives to the divestment options recommended in the PRC report that will continue the important work of these facilities while also benefitting all astronomy.
  • In parallel with these activities, AUI and NRAO will continue to seek partnerships and alliances to support operations and our mission at all of our facilities.

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